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How We Support Parents

BirthWise is a grassroots movement of expectant and new parents, and those who support them. We connect, empower, inform, and support new parents. We campaign for continuous improvements in maternity care and other relevant services.

We tackle loneliness, isolation, fear and anxiety by connecting women/parents with each other.


We are founded on a rights-based approach and support women/parents to make the choices that are right for them. We advocate for individual women accessing maternity and other relevant services.


As an evidence-based charity, we curate and share evidence on matters relevant to pregnancy, birth, infant feeding and attachment.


We support parents through our antenatal and postnatal advocacy work. We create and strengthen community networks to reduce isolation and build connections.


Improving Services for Parents

We work with elected representatives, policymakers and HSC leaders at local level and NI-wide in the co-design and co-production of service changes, guidelines, and policy.